Is Your Work Making Your Miserable?


You Deserve To Have A Great Job

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Renovate Your Job Search Strategies To Get The Job You Want

Have you been looking for a new job without success?  Do you desperately want to make a change in your working life but it all seems too hard?


How are your career problems affecting your life? Being unhappy at work or not getting a job you want have a massive negative impact on your belief in yourself, your happiness and even your health.  But you have the power to change this!


This program will give you a genuine proven Master Plan and strategies to help you get the job you want, based on my work as a Career Coach with hundreds of clients.

In this program you will learn….

  • How to find appropriate jobs that are advertised and make your application stand out from the crowd

  • Super Sleuth strategies for uncovering jobs that are not yet advertised

  • How to market yourself successfully to a prospective employer, so that they clearly understand the contribution you could make to their business…and can’t wait to meet yo

  • How to create a powerful and well-written resume and then tailor it for every job application you submit.

  • The role your mindset and confidence play in your job search and what you can do to boost your self belief, giving you the best possible chance of success.

  • How to recognise and appreciate the value you can offer to an employer just by being you.

  • The steps you can take now that will propel you towards your long-term goals and dreams, and the backward steps you should avoid.

  • How to make a positive impression at every interview, connecting with your interviewers and clearly and confidently answering their questions in a way that shows you are well prepared and a great choice for the position.

  • How to recognise if a job and or company are likely to be a good fit for you.

About the Author: Jenni Proctor

Jenni Proctor is a Career Counsellor and Coach with many years of experience in career management support.  She has a Master of Career Development and has been involved in major projects for all aspects of career development including career transition, redundancy, executive coaching and career education. 

Career Reno leads you through all the stages needed to make a successful career change. 

This is the most important renovation you will ever do.


This program will lead you through each of the steps required to take your career to the next level. 

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… when you identify what is going on.


In this module you will recognize what is currently causing you to feel discontent with your work and become aware of your values that must be met for you to feel comfortable in a new work role. 

Architect's Design

… where you design how you want the future to be. 


This module encourages you to create a vision for your future which will help you recognize the direction your choices should be leading you. 

Available Materials

… acknowledging what you already have to work with. 


Your personal strengths, skills, experience, preferences and interests all contribute to the person you are and enable you to reach your potential in your work. 

Interior Design

…  the power of your thoughts in determining your success.

How you choose to think about yourself, your work, your abilities and your interactions with others has a major impact on the level of success you will achieve. 


… bringing it all together to construct your future work life. 


This is where you really start to get your hands dirty!   Job search strategies -  resume writing, networking offline and online, interviews – are all covered in depth. Whilst this is the “practical” module, all the previous modules have built towards making these strategies easier and far more powerful for you. 


… enhancing everyone’s perception. 

How to present yourself in the best possible light, so others will recognize what you have to offer.


… managing your career into the future.
Getting your job is the beginning not the end. It’s important that you will continue to apply what you have learnt in this program, feeling confident that you have the skills and strategies to manage your career and consistently moving in the direction that you have chosen whatever happens around you.

This is your opportunity to do something very practical to change your future


If you are sick of not having success with your job search...

​If you want to be in a position where you know your contribution is valued...

If you know you deserve more from your career...



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If you purchase Career Reno and decide that the content is not going to help you just let us know within 30 days of purchase and you can have a full refund, no questions asked.

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